Monthly Archives: December 2017

The disarming child

Helpless and human

Deity in the dirt

Spirit married with flesh

We couldn’t make it to you,

But you come to us.

You always come to us.

In our stubbornness and desire,

Entitlement and shame

Remind us that we need you,

Merge your untamed spirit with our flesh.

We try to forget those

Years of wandering.

Shackles and masters,

An eternity of doubting

And still, you come to us.

A divine intrusion

Through our scheming and chaos–

Coats of armor, angels and armies.

Do some wrecking here, and gently come to us.

Disturb us on this day

Through sorrow and through dancing,

The bliss of joy and sting of death

Past hands that would threaten and tear,

You come to us extravagantly.

From Your manger lonely,

Mighty and mysterious

You come to us, Seed of Heaven

Spirit wed with flesh,

These broken hearts to mend.

~ The Disarming Child by Charlie Lowell

~by Hannah Wilder

And the Mystery comes.

In the middle of.

In the disruption.

The Spirit hovers Over the chaos. “Do some wrecking here, and gently come. Disturb us this day….”. So do you really want to pray that?

This has been an autumn of disruption.

A long labor.

New things are being birthed.

In my heart, in my home.

In the midst of chaos.