The Lenten writings: Spirit

As swimmers dare

To lie face to the sky

And water bears them,

As Hawks rest upon air 

And air sustains them, 

So I would learn to attain

Freefall, and float

Into Creator Spirit’s deep embrace

Knowing no effort earns 

That all-surrounding Grace.”

(“The Avowal” from The Stream and the Sapphire by Denise Levertov, 1997)

Today I did Freefall for some moments.  Thought stilled, time suspended. The warm wind of Spirit caressed my soul with her gentle breath. 

The children were engaged in a discussion of history as dinner wound down. Young voices, man-cub and shrill, intermingled with grown-up tones. One-liners produced stifled laughs as sincerity begged to be honored. 

And I felt it. The Presence.  

Bedtime tuck in, roles reversed as the youngest prayed a blessing over me “that I would continue to be a really good mom”. Lord hear our prayer. Thanks be to God. 

Hands held over points of pain, feet on the ground, flowing movement.  Anxiety quiets, the rhythm of breath changes beat.  All-surrounding Grace. 

Free fall. Float. No effort. 

Creator Spirit. 



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