Lenten writings:  waiting

“Waiting is a period of learning. The longer we wait, the more we learn about Him for whom we are waiting.”    (Henri Nouwen)

And so, like a woman nearing the end of her pregnancy, we wait. The weeks stretch out as the belly grows…36,37…40,41…

It seems that we can bear no more. 

The long wait of Lent is nearing a close. Today we remember the crowd, jeering. No, that’s not right; that’s Friday’s story. Cheering, that’s it. 

Crowds are fickle. Politics show that. Arizona politics especially. Midwifery politics in particular. 

Too often, the crowds just want somebody to do something, powerfully. And to do it now. Fear and hatred can flip a crowd in an instant. 

Jesus seemed to be the man of the hour. He would get rid of those dreaded outsiders. They were tired of the wait. 

Only that was never the plan. The plan was much bigger. And the long wait felt too long for that crowd. 

But I am jumping ahead of the story…


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