A Valentine’s Day blessing for my daughters

Valentine’s Day is so wrapped up in a package of expectation
tied with a bow that is supposed to be “just so”. 

Even as I type that last word some computer glitch makes it space wrong. So I type it 20 times, but the irony is lost on me that I’m trying to get it perfect, the words “just so “. 

So how do I bless you with the phrase “be kind to yourself ” when I come from a long line of perfectionists?

I have been listening  lately to the phrase, “you have no idea how hard it is to be an 11-year-old girl.”  The reality is, 11 still lives in me; as does 20, and 23. But my 11 was different from yours; just like your 49 wil look different from mine. 

I heard this song yesterday from a daddy to a daughter. It reminded me of all the Valentines dates that daddy had with you. He wanted you to know that you’re special. Maybe this time it is for me too, my Father blessing. 

A Valentines gift to you and me to “be kind to yourself” in the middle of the package of beauty and  pain that is called love.

Andrew Peterson: Be Kind to Yourself







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