Lenten writings:  this treacherous path

“I might never have asked what could be but for sorrow.

I might never have opened to the terrible vulnerability of love but for tears.

I might never have begun this treacherous path to God but for emptiness. “

By Rob Suarez 

(Lenten Poetry Conpanion)

This poem is one which we read in the Mystic Activists yesterday (which I attend by phone right now). It really turns it on its head doesn’t it?

Everyone wants a sense of vision…To be filled with love… To know God. But this path? This path is one we try to avoid it all costs. Sorrow? Tears?  Emptiness?

The Long road to Lent has begun. It is a road not traveled in my Baptist upbringing. Or maybe I was too small to notice. I am in a long season of Lent this year. It will stretch from Advent to perhaps past Easter. 

It is a time for listening. A time for grief. A time for stillness. A time for hope.

And may it be permeated with a sense of God’s presence, deep love, and bold glimpses of what is yet to come. 

Lent is not the end of the story.


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