Peace on earth begins with birth

I got to be encircled by Midwives this weekend. It was good for the state of my soul.

I had so wanted to hear the teaching of Sister MorningStar and Gail Hart at our state conference. It seemed impossible, as the realities of healing my broken bones and the concussion dominate each day. 

“Come,” they messaged. And so one by one the details were thought through by my sisters. Someone drove me, another volunteered to take me home if needed. The fees had been covered “by angels in our midst”. When I entered the room I was greeted like royalty and escorted to a sofa covered with soft pillows. There was a dark room nearby if the stimulation was too much. The light was soft, natural. Midwives brought me tea and nourushing food. 

And so I stayed, one hour at a time. I soaked in the love of my sisters, and the teaching of these wise elder midwives. We talked about intuition, how to follow our instincts. We learned about the latest in evidence-based research on topics that are current in obstetrics. We did a village prenatal with two pregnant mamas, weaving around them with song and love.

The music entered my soul as well. “All your cells are healthy and strong“. Good word medicine to balance all the dire predictions of the medical experts who offer their gifts. I realized, as I watched my sister Midwives Circle the women, that my life force is depleted too. And the magic of this space, so rich with oxytocin flowing, strengthened my heart. 

We ended with a circle, held safe in a room womb by the presence of two Elder Midwives. We had some family business to take care of together. We dared to speak truth, asking for clarity of thought and healing for this holy work. The space was held safely. Midwives not present were held with honor and respect. I realized anew how much I need these courageous women around me.  

If the future of birth lies with Midwives, it is in good hands indeed.

Let peace on  Earth begin with birth”. 


2 thoughts on “Peace on earth begins with birth

  1. I love that you went, sitting carefully on that sofa with the pillows. Day after day you chose life my friend, despite the pain that wants to speak death. Blessings on you today, may the life giving moments feel plentiful.


    1. I was thinking that on my walk today before the sun came over the horizon. You know of course that I don’t like that time of morning but it does work to be outside then without the concussion symptoms. It was life-giving and I’m so grateful.


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