More questions than answers

I have caught myself saying that lately, as I live full on, this season of my life.

“you are given
the questions of others to hold
in the emptiness of your hands,”

In the Mystic Activists this week at neighborhood ( we sat with the writings of Denise Levertov.  Last semester, this poem of hers helped push me out of the nest, to begin to try my fledgling writing wings.

A Gift

by Denise Levertov
Just when you seem to yourself

nothing but a flimsy web

of questions, you are given

the questions of others to hold

in the emptiness of your hands,

songbird eggs that can still hatch

if you keep them warm,

butterflies opening and closing themselves

in your cupped palms, trusting you not to injure

their scintillant fur, their dust.

You are given the questions of others

as if they were answers

to all you ask. Yes, perhaps

this gift is your answer.

I wonder what Lent holds this year, as the fledgling Lenten writings that tapped their way out of the egg in 2015 try their wings.


2 thoughts on “More questions than answers

  1. Few things mean as much to me as words born out of a thoughtful heart. I know, Joanna, that you are persevering in the middle of physical challenges. That you choose to meet with the Mystic Activists, trying your fledgling writing wings and sharing your words with us, means a lot to me. Today I battled the discouragement of not being able to create art without pain and fatigue. I have to persevere in tidbits and sometimes accept not creating at all. I am trying to accept that creating can be sharing a thought. Thank you for your words. —Rebby

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    1. Your words resonate with a deep knowing. And the art that emerges is all the more powerful because it is a shout of triumph. There are many seasons where I can’t create and forms of artistic expression no longer open to me. But I hadn’t thought of writing as art. Thank you. Joanna
      PS I met with them via a phone in the middle of the group.


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