A whole new year

And so the year is
done, ending with a bang literally. I’m so curious what God is up to I am voice texting this blog because someone totaled our car yesterday. Lots of things hurt, and the story will emerge day by day of what the reality of the injuries are.  But for today, it is enough to be alive. It is enough that my children are alive and my husband is alive.

There will be lots of days where the glow of gratitude fades, swallowed up by doctors and insurance, frustration and weariness with asking for help.  Perhaps on those days I will need to be reminded. Or maybe it is enough to have others around me, Jesus with skin on.

I gave up making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago. Instead, I like to spend time on the last night of the year reflecting.

This year has been a year of grief, mourning new parts of my story. It has been a year of joy, coming alive in ways I never imagined. It has been a year of daring to hope, courageously choosing  truth day by day in the midst of it all.

I am curious about this year.

Perhaps it is a year of stillness, not by choice. Perhaps it is a year of strengthening, body and spirit. Perhaps it is a year of speaking out, inviting women and men to enter their stories and to dare to speak them. Perhaps it is a year of asking questions, and listening between the lines of the answers. Perhaps there are mothers and babies, teaching me new things that I need to know.  Perhaps it is the year of beginning to write, one of the five things I vowed never to do.

Whatever each today holds, may I have the Courage to enter. May a shout of triumph over evil will resound in the places that are unseen. May it be. 2016.


4 thoughts on “A whole new year

  1. Courageous woman fully alive, I am blessing the One who holds your life in His hands and the ways in which life will unfold and flourish as you lean into the stillness. Keep speaking/writing! I love you, Jo.


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