The rabbit house

Space in the middle.

Isn’t that what we long for in advent?  Space to breathe, to think, to feel, to BE.  

I wonder if the spaces aren’t already there?  (A double negative, to give pause).  How often do I fill up a space, when it opens?  The vacuum of the endless list of “to do” sucks in any stillness, almost audibly.  What if, I let the unexpected spaces just BE?

Today I am in the “rabbit house” (not the dog house!)…  A tiny space provided by a near stranger given for me to rest in while I pick up my daughter from college.  Space to breathe, to BE, in the middle.  This is a season where God is stirring my heart to fight for justice in new ways, in bold ways.  In the midst of that stirring,  I am so grateful:  for moments of joy that imprint on my heart, for moments (or hours, or days) free of pain, for a bird that sings outside this little hut.  

I have been coloring this Advent.  It slows my brain, readies it for sleep.  I could wash a few more dishes, or answer an email, or sign off a chart.  Or I could color…with a cup of tea.

I wonder what moments are opening for you?  I would love to hear, as you notice; as the Spirit gives you space to just BE.


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