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One mother-baby dyad at a time…

Embracing Birth Midwifery LLC

   Joanna Wilder RN, BSN, LM, CPM

2134 W. Monroe Street–Phoenix, AZ 85009

I have the privilege to come alongside a unique non profit, Neighborhood Ministries, in their mentoring program for teen moms called Mom’s Place.

With this in mind, I moved my practice “into the neighborhood” as we call it.  My goal is not to get more clients.  Homebirth would not be a wise or desirable choice for many of our moms.  I am there to create curiosity.  And I want to be in walking distance for those who want to just drop by.

We create field trips to my community house, GracYa.  We do mock prenatals, and dramatize births, and teach the girls how to find their babies in their bellies, and bring out the baby models.   And woven throughout is modeling, as we use words of respect, ask permission to touch, and listen to story.  

I also get called when things go wrong, for the medical system can be impersonal or at times worse, for a young woman alone.  I go into trailer parks and homes with my herbs and remedies and words and ears to hear.  I grieve as I see all the ways the fragile bonding has been interrupted.  And so we begin again to create space for that to grow anew.  

I don’t have an official role, “just a volunteer”, one of many.  But together, we can make a difference in the statistics of this distressed neighborhood.  One mother-baby dyad at a time…