Lenten writings: he breaks the power

He breaks the power of cancelled sin,
He sets the prisoner free.
His blood can make the foulest clean
His blood availed for me.

That sounds like a contradiction,
where both things cannot be true.
“The power of cancelled sin?!”
How does sin that is cancelled have power!

And yet it does.
The sin done to me,
And the sin I have done as I create vows,
Shows up with a power that can feel overwhelming.

My story is interwoven with the theme of hidden sin.
Sin dressed up, covered over, silenced.
Bill Thrall used to say, “hiddenness creates a space for sin to grow”
It is true indeed.

And Lent is a space to remember,
To stare it in the face,
A space to name what has occurred.
A space to grieve.


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