Holding space

today I am thinking about the idea of holding space.

i am holding space today remembering a baby no longer here.

i hold space for birth, recognizing that is my most important role.  The mama does the work, and the baby decides when to come.  Together, they weave a dance of hard work and surrender.  Today I am waiting for a baby to come.

i hold space for story.  Space for my story, to come to the surface as Jesus chooses.  Space for the courage to let it be what it is, in all its contradiction.  Space for other women’s stories.  They emerge gently, woven with words and fabric and paper, embodied in collage and silk and story ropes.

i have heard some react against this phrase, but for me it is a reminder.  A reminder that I am not in charge.  A reminder that there is only One who has that power.

My job, then, is simply to be present and to hold space.


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